Mangastrap - Anime Blogger Template

Mangastrap is a really responsive Blogger Template suitable for fansub / fanshare sites as well as online manga sites with a blogger platform. As the name implies "Strap", this template is built with HTML and CSS Bootstrap. This Japanese comic themed template can be used as a reference for the best blogger templates for your comic site. So what are the features of this template?

1. Mobile Friendly
Mangastrap is designed to be able to adjust to the screen size of the device or what we call responsive. No doubt the technology from CSS Bootstrap embedded in this template makes it sure there will be no display problems for small screens. Because as we all know pages with mobile friendly greatly affect SEO scores on SERP

2. Grid Display
Because responsiveness is not enough, Mangastrap is also designed with a cool Grid display on every screen size. Because this template is designed to contain a lot of images, the User Interface that is displayed also I chose to display the grid. Because the grid design template is more suitable and many people like it (according to UX experience). The grid view can also be very classy even if it's just a blogger template.

3. Fast Load
Mangastrap, besides being a responsive blogger theme, also loads the website fast (it depends on the connection). For the green GT Metric score you can check below:
4. Valid Data Structure Templates and Ld + JSON to Improve SEO
For structural data using the markup and ld + json schema that has been tested

5. A suitable template for downloading blogs
Aside from comics, actually this template can also be used on download blogs because it displays a grid on the front page too.

Live Demo Download

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